November 29, 2022

Tropical Adventures Goes GREEN!

We would like to take this time to let our followers know that for over a year we have been making efforts to try and be more sustainable and GO GREEN. We will continue to make these efforts and will constantly try to improve every year.

1) We have changed all of our lights in our office to LED BULBS.

2) Our boats and office recycle all plastics, and aluminum at the local plant.

3) We use reusable plates, forks and knives on all of our tours and we are making an effort to move to reusable cups.

4) We purchase all lobsters locally and try and support local fishermen and farmers as much as we can.

5) We try to use "Green" cleaning products to clean our boats and vehicles.

6) We do work with and partner with many youth programs as well as health and wellness groups to try and give back to society.

7) We ask guests to not stand on coral/rocks and to not take anything from the ocean when snorkeling. ("take nothing but pictures and leave only your footprints in the sand"

We do put the environment into our thoughts on all the tours that we offer and our company policies.

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