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Excellence Cruises Barbuda Tour reviewed by blogger

13 Sep 2019

Here is what a foodie and tour blogger had to say about our Barbuda Tour:

The Caribbean is comprised of several remarkable islands and countries. Each of these destinations has their own special way of taking your breath away.

This post is dedicated to Antigua's beautiful sister island Barbuda, and the fantastic boat tour experience, courtesy of Tropical Adventures Antigua.

We departed St. John's on the magnificent boat called "The Excellence". As the captain steered the vessel towards the second pick up point at Dickenson Bay, we were offered a selection of drinks by the crew of the Excellence. During this time, they also gave us a very warm welcome and took us through the safety measures. One of the crew members, pointed out different areas on the coast as we passed by.

After the short stop at Dickenson Bay, off we went towards the high seas. Yes. I know. Some of you are wondering how rough the sea is between Antigua and Barbuda. Let me put your mind at ease. The traverse is not unbearable. There will be a bit of motion as Antigua begins to vanish in the distance but the water is pretty calm for the most part. I would advise sitting on the lower deck of the boat if you usually get seasick. The crew is very helpful if you do happen to get seasick. I witnessed them having bags available, as well as, going the extra mile to ensure that passengers get water or drinks to help them feel better.

On the way to Barbuda, we were lucky to see flying fish and the journey took roughly an hour and a half. The first beach stop was Low Bay Beach. The water was unbelievably clear. Streaks of pink sand were visible as we got closer to the shore. I loved the fact that there were benches under the shade of coconut trees.

The chicken and fish lunch was delicious! Well seasoned and filling. I especially loved the chicken and seasoned white potato. I was very impressed when a crew member came around collecting the plates. Talk about excellent customer service. Also, you must try the 'Captain's Special' drink.

The second stop was Princess Diana Beach. Sadly no shade or benches at this beach but that was easily solved by a dip in the sea.

Thank you so much for the amazing experience Tropical Adventures Antigua. We cannot wait for the next adventure. 

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